sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

Señoras y señores: Richard Bona

[Suninga | Algo así como: ¿cuándo?, o ¿qué día?]

Na kati mindongo na kata weya
ewo beba na buma mabembe
ngeda bosso neni no owa mbale
na i wedi dimbea oa muto o wenge
na sibi neni na mende no o bola muto

Suninga muna o

na kusi bebango jita
o muwaso mwa guta longo
Keka so na le nene a numi muna muto
bunya bo
Nai wedi dimbea oa

Na titi pona
Mo na poi o jene oa
To nguea na si bi pon
ni male o mboa ngo mbale
Na si bi neni na mende no o bola

Na tondo oa na ngiya e si be dimene
Mo ye nde neni
Keka so na lene ne

I went through mountains and fire
I couldn't hold my tears
I still remember the very first time
I saw you girl
I don't really know what to do...

On which day, Baby, on which day?

I've been hurt so hard
Please I'd like to meet you again one day
I can't stop thinking of you...

I'm not able to come and meet you
The truth is, I don't know the way
That leads to your home, girl
I really don't know what to do...

My love for you is greater than everything
Please, make sure we could meet some day...

[La letra y la traducción se las debemos a los partícipes del web forum de www.bonatology.com (el propio Bona y Boukesse)]

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